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Microwave Bowl Cozy/Holder, Soup Bowl Cozy, Soup Bowl Holder, Reversible Bowl Cozy


●100% cotton fabric
●Microwave Safe
●Washing Machine and Dryer Safe
●Dual Insulation (Wrap-N-Zap100% Natural Cotton Battting)
● Protects counter tops and tables from hot bowls
●Fits 6 inch diameter bowls


 It is made from 100% cotton. It is microwave safe and fully reversible. These 10inch x 10inch cotton bowl cozys are microwave safe and will keep your fingers safe from hot foods. Simply place the bowl in the middle of the cozy and pop the cozy and bowl into the microwave!

Also useful for baked potatoes.
Don't like using it for hot foods? Keep your fingers warm while eating ice cream!

Made with cotton material and batting. Machine washable in cold water, reshape and air drying would be best.

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